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Sharing the SwagUp story

We're looking for our videographer

We're approaching our second year in business and things are getting very interesting. Fortune 500 clients, 30+ employees, 2 offices, lots of grinding, a cast of characters, and plenty of drama. We're ready to share the SwagUp story with the world!


The SwagUp story

Out of his mom's garage, Michael Martocci started the company up in May of 2017 with a little bit of money he had saved and the idea that, up to that point, no brand had existed that made swag fun, simple, and understood the needs of the innovative startups of tomorrow.

Fast forward to today, in under 2 years SwagUp has moved into a new 13k square ft. HQ in Union City, NJ, has created over 30 jobs, opened a second office in Florida, and worked with over 600 clients (including Facebook, WeWork, and Coca-Cola) on more than 1000 projects.

What is SwagUp?

SwagUp makes it simple to create high quality branded swag for companies to give as gifts to employees and clients. We focus on offering a curated selection of items that people will love (from brands like S'well, Nike, Patagonia, Everlane, Moleskine, etc.), and pair it with services like free design, warehousing, and global fulfillment (all in-house). We've pioneered the "swag pack" concept and now we are ready to take things to the next level, through technology.

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We're missing a key player...someone to tell the story

Everything revolves around the Vlog

There's no better way to capture the authenticity of SwagUp then through a Vlog. As mentioned, the SwagUp Story is an interesting one and one worth sharing. There's not many young entrepreneurs building multi-million dollar bootstrapped companies and sharing the behind the scenes of the day to day in a significant way. We want to share our story consistently and efficiently on the platforms that our customers engage.


The Vlog




IG Micro

Blog Posts



We are looking for someone who:

  • is a passionate self-starter who is hungry to learn, grow, and be a part of something bigger than themselves

  • is an extremely talented videographer who can both shoot and edit film to tell an engaging story

  • is a Marketer as much as they are a Creative. Creating and distributing content go hand in hand

  • can commute to Union City, NJ daily

  • has a flexible lifestyle that allows for (sometimes spontaneous) travel

  • is a fun, easy going person that fits our culture and that the team will want to hang out with 

                    * College degree not required

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Apply for the videographer position

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