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Tips From The Swag Experts

Let's talk swag and all the tips & tricks to make it easy!

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Tips & Tricks For Swag

What is a vector file?


A vector file is a mathematical formula that makes up points on a grid to create an image. Ok, now in human terms! 


It's an art file that allows us to scale your logo to any size without distorting your logo or artwork. With jpeg imagery, your image will look wide or expanded when you stretch each side.


The beauty of vector files is that you can expand the artwork allowing it to scale accordingly. Vector files are essential to getting your swag made because they ensure the integrity of your logo. 


Keep in mind that all swag is different. Imprint methods and sizes vary based on each item. Vector files are great because they allow us to create swag without having unique logo sizes. Other standard vector files are ai. or pdf files and both are acceptable. 


NOTE: just because the file ends in ai or pdf does not guarantee it will be a vector! 


Can I design swag items myself? 


Of course! We have a team of designers to help you customize your swag, but you are more than welcome to design all items yourself. 


Remember that each item you select may have some decoration constraints or limitations, and the last thing we want to see is a beautiful design that can't we can't accommodate. 


Our Swag Experts are happy to help you and ensure you are on the right path! 


How do I get die-lines or artwork templates? 


If you are looking for die-lines or artwork templates, our Swag Experts are here to help! 


Provide the items you want to design, and our team will sort the rest. There may be some items that don't have die-lines or artwork templates, but our team will happily make sure you're aware of any design limitations.


How do I find my PMS colors? 


This part can be tricky if you're unfamiliar with your company's logos or branding. If you don't have access to a design or marketing department to provide your company's logo PMS colors, we can help! 


First, we'll chat about what kind of PMS color we will need to produce your swag. Almost all swag items require a PMS color that is guide coded, which is essential to design the swag items. If you don't have them, our Swag Experts can help pick out the PMS colors for you.


How long does it take to order swag? 

Swag typically takes 3-4 weeks to get produced, but that doesn't mean you can't get it sooner! If you need something rushed, let your Swag Expert know and we'll get it sorted. 


NOTE: The fewer colors and decorations an item has, the quicker it can get produced. For example, anything with leather patches, hem tags, or gradients will take time to make, as opposed to a simple one-color logo, which we can sometimes produce in a single day! 


How should can I budget swag?

Most companies budget their swag per person; a typical swag pack budget is around $50. If you're buying for conferences and events, budgets will vary since you're likely buying items in bulk. 


If you have budget constraints, don't sweat it! We can seamlessly work within your limitations to get you items you'll love!


How does pricing work? 


Pricing on your swag depends on variables like quantity, logo colors, and decoration type/placements.


Quantities: The more you, buy, the less you spend per item. There are price breaks on amount, so ordering order numbers like 48 can cost more than just buying 50. Most price breaks are in 50 or 100 increments depending on the item.

Logo colors/artwork: The more colors you want on something, the more expensive that item will be unless it's a digitally printed item like stickers, tape, or boxes. If your logo has a gradient or heavy detailing, it may cost more to have it made.

Placements: The number of logo placements also influences the cost of your swag, which is especially applicable to apparel. We'll charge you for placement and location if you want your logo printed on the back of a t-shirt and the front.


How do I choose the right box size?


We size each box based on what you select to ensure all your items fit perfectly! Put away the measuring tape and leave the box-sizing to our Swag Experts!  


Do you offer swag samples? 




We offer a sample pack that allows you to envision your swag pack's look and feel! If you want to sample a particular item, just let your Swag Expert know, and we'll make sure you get what you need. 

We can also get you fully decorated samples!

Do note: not all items allow for pre-production samples, and we cannot rush production samples.

You can order your sample pack here.

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