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Sustainable Swag just made easy. 
Connect with our swag experts to build your Swag.


Sustainable Swag, Simplified

Life's complicated enough. We've mastered sustainable swag, so you don't have to.

Swag Curated To Satisfy

When it comes to swag, we follow a ‘less is more philosophy. Our selection has been carefully curated down to 8-15 of the best items per category to keep it easy peasy.

Creating A Branded Swag Experience That's Memorable

We know seeing is believing, that's why we have our in-house design team deliver personalized branded mocks before any order is placed. Plus: revisions and questions are as easy as a quick message.

Full Control Of Your Swag Distribution.

We took care of all the logistics of building your pack so you can just focus on shipping or storing your swag with our SwagUp Platform.

Support Throughout Your Whole Swag Journey

From concept to creation, we have the team to help you make sure you have a successful swag experience that works with your budget and use case.