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Why We Love Them: We LOVE the feel of these.Thick and sturdy + they comein every color imaginable.


Design: 4.72" W x 0.25" H

Blush Pink ( Black ink )  | Blush Pink ( Blush ink ) 

Pink (Black ink)  |  Pink  (Pink ink) 

Red (Black ink)  |  Red (Red ink)

Neon Coral (Black ink)  |  Neon Coral (Coral ink)

Orange (Black ink)  |  Orange (Orange ink)

Citron (Black ink)  |  Citron (Citron ink)

Grass Green (Black ink)  |  Grass Green (Green ink)

Powder Blue (Black ink)  |  Powder Blue (Powder ink)

Bright Blue (Black ink)  |  Bright Blue (Bright Blue ink)

Royal Blue (Black ink)  |  Royal Blue (Royal Blue ink)

Navy Blue (Black ink)  

Purple (Black ink)  |  Purple (Purple ink)

Lilac Purple (Black ink)  |  Lilac Purple (Lilac Purple ink)

White (Black ink)

Gray (Black ink)

Black (Black ink)

Metallic Gold (Black ink)

Soft Touch Pens

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